506 Hester Dr. White House, TN 37188
(615) 672-6949


School Administrators

Bob Cook

Pastor and Founder

Jeff Porter

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Shelly Carlson

Assistant Principal/Guidance Counselor

Elizabeth Porter

Preschool Director

Staff & Faculty

Pastor Bob Cook – Head of Schools

Jeff Porter – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Shelly Carlson – Assistant Principal/Guidance

Tracy Pugh – Office Manager

Toni West – Finance Coordinator

Amy Koonce – Bookkeeper

Amanda Rowley – Facilities/AD Asst.

Carie Lawyer – Homeschool Coordinator

Nolan Crunk – IT and B/A Care

Eddie Broadrick – Facilities Director

James Jackson – Custodian

Emily Lewis – Admissions/Learning Lab Support

Tammy Giles – Learning Lab Coordinator

18mth – Lisa Socha and Destany Blair

Part Time 2’s – Ashley Proctor and Jessi Knack

Full Time 2’s – Tonya Murrell and Sharyl Pinkerman

Part Time 3’s – Linda Thomas and Sara Beery

Full Time 3’s – Pam Duvall and Raven Cook

Combined 3’s – Haley Edwards and Amy Ingram

K4 – Kerri Crunk

K4 – Christy Martin and Brandy Horton

K4 – Amanda Moore and Rebekah Collins

K4 – Kelly McKnight and Cindy Scharcklet

Preschool Administrative Assistant- Sissy Felzien

Patty Burris – K

Amanda Anderson – 1st

Summer Phillips – 2nd

Connie Roy – 3rd

Teresa Rigsby – 4th

Keah Denson – 5th

Amy Bernard – Computer/Library/PTF

Becky Shropshire – Art

Lisa Whitworth – Music/MS Choral Group

Jennifer Smith – Elementary Aide

Joy Nix – Kindergarten Aide

Josh Taylor – Math/Bible

Jody Dorris – English

Doug Thornton – English

David Roy – History/Bible

Holly Stubblefield – PE/Computer

Marsha Boak – Science

Holly Malugin – Math

Carolyn Pendarvis – Science

Shelby Anderson – English

Vanessa Baker – History/Bible

Allen Walker – Bible/Pre-Cal

Kimberly Dotterer – Spanish

Noah Perkins – Fine Arts/Choir

Support Services
Eddie Broadrick, Head of Facilities

James Jackson, Janitorial

Heather Elmore – Receptionist

Hollie Brewer – Receptionist

Katie Sutton – Receptionist

Ann Weaver – School Nurse (4 days/week)

Employment at Christian Community School is open to qualified individuals who are Christians of good character, without regard or reference to race, sex(gender), national or ethnic origin, age, or disability. Christian Community School is a religious educational ministry, permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion. All prospective and current employees must agree with Christian Community School’s mission statement, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the school’s statement of faith and the school’s declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity.