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Homeschool with Us

How to Join:

*If you are a new applicant, CCS will complete a transcript request form to send to the previous school your student was enrolled in as needed. Please make sure to provide the name of the school as requested on the enrollment form.



Complete the Homeschool Application [DOC].


Testing / Placement

These forms must be completed and turned in BEFORE your first day of class.
*After completion, our staff will contact you to schedule testing.



You may choose to pay your registration fee upon completion of your forms (see below).

School Services

School Sports Our Athletic Department includes a variety of sports for both boys and girls. If you are interested in your child becoming a Colt, please contact our Athletic Director, Jordan Flanders, for more information.

CCS Drama Program We have a phenomenal high school drama program here at CCS led by Miss Alicia Wethington. If your child would like to participate in our drama program, please contact her for more information. Miss Wethington loves our homeschool students, and the talent they bring to the drama department.

Campus Activities We welcome homeschool students and families to get involved as much as they so desire on our CCS campus. Any extra-curricular activity that our families wish to attend, you are welcome on our campus. We are here to help make your homeschool experience as “good” as you want it to be. Communication e-mails will be sent out informing you of special events that you may be interested in attending. Feel free to come enjoy a ballgame, work concessions, attend special concerts, plays, chapel, etc.

Records CCS will keep student records, including transfer transcripts, attendance reports, grade average reports, and any achievement test scores.

High School Diploma All homeschool students who meet all of CCS graduation requirements will receive a High School Diploma. A homeschool student’s diploma will have a “homeschool” seal applied to the diploma, but this does NOT “affect” the validity of the diploma. CCS is an accredited institution and therefore most colleges will recognize any CCS diploma. As of to-date – CCS has not had any issue with a homeschool student applying to the college of their choice.

Graduation Ceremonies The school holds Cap & Gown ceremonies for those students who choose to participate (kindergarten and seniors). Please see attached sheet in regards to additional graduation fees.

Transcripts CCS will complete high school transcripts upon request. An official transcript will be sent directly to the school or college of your choice.

Driver’s License Form CCS office will issue the Department of Safety’s required SF1010 form for your child to receive their Driver’s Permit. The Department of Safety requires that a student must be enrolled with the school for a minimum of 30 days and have a copy of the student’s birth certificate on file.

Field Trips Monthly field trips will be offered for our homeschool families. A calendar will be sent out in July informing you of the planned activities. Additional fees may be required to participate in some of the field trips.

Download the Application

Curriculum & Testing

Parents are responsible to find and purchase their student’s curriculum.
Please note: this is not the school’s responsibility or the teacher’s responsibility at CCS to provide you with curriculum choices or lesson plans.

CCS is very aware that there are many views regarding standardized achievement testing and “in-home” testing among our homeschool families. It is the decision of CCS Administration to NOT require testing due to the fact that currently the State of Tennessee does not require a homeschool student to test. With that being said, although administration is not requiring testing, we do hold the right to request that you test your students. We strongly feel that it is in the best interest of each homeschool family to evaluate each year where your student’s strengths and weaknesses in the classroom may be, so that you may choose adequately your curriculum, what areas may need more or less work, and just an overall assessment of your homeschool experience.

We do require all Seniors to have taken the ACT. A graduating senior will not receive their high school diploma until we have an ACT test record on file. This is currently a State of Tennessee requirement.

For the ACT, our school code number is 432-433. You may register online at www.actstudent.org

**Please note: Although CCS is not currently requiring testing, we STILL require semester grade reports to be turned in each semester. This is not optional and must be turned in by the dates listed on the semester reports. You will not be questioned about the grades you turn in, but you will be contacted if grade reports are missing.

Download the Application [DOC]

By state law, all students must complete 180 calendar days of school work per school year.  An attendance form must be turned in by the end of your school year.

Homeschool Fees

Registration Fee: $150

*Due at time of enrollment; must be paid before student is enrolled at CCS
*If enrolling more than one student, the price is discounted $25 per student

On-Campus Class Fee: $600 per class (due 8/1)

*Homeschool students may attend up to two classes on our campus (based on availability of the class). Students must wear CCS dress code while on campus and will be held accountable to all CCS policies.

Graduation Fees:

*for Seniors: $40 (due 5/1) – Covers diploma and diploma cover. Cap, gown, and tassel will be billed directly to you from Jostens.
*for Kindergarten: $35 (due 5/1) – Covers cap, gown, tassel, diploma, and reception.