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Our Athletic Department includes a variety of sports for both boys and girls. If you are interested in your child participating in middle school or varsity athletics, please contact our homeschool coordinator who will connect you to coaches or more information.

CCS Offers the opportunity to take high school classes to homeschool students. Homeschool students may take up to 2 classes per year based on schedule and availability. Some classes may require students to test for academic readiness before enrolling.

We welcome homeschool students and families to get involved as much as they so desire on our CCS campus. We invite you get involved in our on-campus activities such watch a ballgame, attend a concert, or participate in a service project. Communication e-mails will be sent out weekly during the school year informing you of special events that you may be interested in attending.

The school holds Cap & Gown ceremonies for those students who choose to participate. Additional fees apply to graduation participation.

Other Services

CCS will keep student records, including transfer transcripts, attendance reports, grade average reports, and any achievement test scores.

Homeschool students who meet all of CCS graduation requirements will receive a High School Diploma. A homeschool student’s diploma will have a “homeschool” seal applied to the diploma, but this does NOT “affect” the validity of the diploma. CCS is an accredited institution and therefore most colleges will recognize any CCS diploma. To date CCS has not had any issue with college acceptance of a homeschool diploma.

CCS will send high school transcripts upon request. Official transcripts will be sent directly to the school or college of your choice. 

CCS office will issue the Department of Safety’s required SF1010 form for your child to receive their Driver’s Permit. The Department of Safety requires that a student must be enrolled with the school for a minimum of 30 days and have a copy of the student’s birth certificate on file.

New Students Only

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Curriculum & Testing

Parents are responsible to find and purchase their student’s curriculum. Curriculum must be reported to CCS before the start of your school year as well as turned in with grades at the end of each semester.

CCS is very aware that there are many views regarding standardized achievement testing and “in-home” testing among our homeschool families. It is the decision of CCS Administration to NOT require testing. Although administration is not requiring testing, we do hold the right to test your student if we feel there is reason.

We strongly feel that it is in the best interest of each homeschool family to evaluate each year where your student’s strengths and weaknesses in the classroom may be, so that you may choose your curriculum based on your child’s needs, what areas may need more or less work, and just an overall assessment of your homeschool experience. 

We do require all graduating seniors to have taken the ACT. A graduating senior will not receive their high school diploma until we have an ACT test record on file. This is currently a State of Tennessee requirement. For the ACT, our school code number is 432-433. You may register online at www.actstudent.org  

**Please note: Although CCS is not currently requiring testing, we STILL require semester grade reports to be turned in each semester. This is not optional and must be turned in by the dates listed on the semester reports. You will not be questioned about the grades you turn in, but you will be contacted if grade reports are missing.

New Students Only

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By state law, all students must complete 180 calendar days of school work per school year.  An attendance form must be turned in by the end of your school year.

Academic Forms: [PDFs]: 

Curriculum ListGrade Report (K-8)Grade Report (9-12)

Homeschool Fees

Registration Fee: $150* [first child]

*Family Discounts: For each student registered after the first a $25 discounted will be applied. (Ex. Student 2: $125, Student 3: $100, Student 4: $75, and so on.)
Full fees will be charged within 2 days business days of completed enrollment. 
Students are not fully enrolled until all fees are paid.

On-Campus Class Tuition: $600 per class

*Homeschool students may attend up to two classes on our campus (based on availability of the class). Students must wear CCS dress code while on campus and will be held accountable to all CCS policies.
*Book & technology fee of $75 per student

Graduation Fees:

*for K5 & Seniors: $100 (due 2/1) – includes ceremony, diploma and diploma cover. Cap, gown, and tassel will be billed directly to you from Jostens.

Sports Fees:

Each sport has a separate fee assigned by the coach and Athletic Director.  Homeschool families have the choice to pay the full fee up front or have it split into a monthly payment schedule set by the office.

Homeschool Tuition & Fees – PDF Download

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